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  • Would you like to begin Mediumship development and training?
  • Been sarching for a trusted source to learn all the Psychic Arts?
  • Do you feel blocked in actually taking the steps to begin?
  • Are you concerned about the safety of Mediumship and Other Psychic Training?
  • Do authority figures & family members discourage you with negative opinions?

We can help you with these issues and more!

Allow Imagine Spirit to be your premium source for programs and classes by phone and with our amazing home study courses. Whether you are interested in doing spirit communication for your own personal reasons, or for becoming certified, this is the place to fulfill all your dreams. Imagine Spirit has been teaching Mediumship and Psychic and Spiritual classes since 2000. We have had a solid web presence since 2003. In addition, we have set a high set of standards for teaching the intuitive arts and are raising the bar for professional and personal Mediumship, Spiritual, and Psychic training!

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Introducing Our New On-Line Classes
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Chakras Smarts – Auras Made Easy
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We are all born with innate psychic qualities that manifest in many diverse ways. Imagine Spirit’s directed mission is to help the student uncover their special traits of psychic qualities and to enhance but not change them. Our students do not have to conform to rigid doctrines and ways of doing things the way other schools demand.

Just interested in taking classes and programs for your own personal and spiritual development without becoming certified? No problem! Our courses are uniquely crafted for anyone to benefit from or learn for any reason. Beginners to more advanced practitioners are welcome. Carol maintains that learning and progressing spiritually is an adventure of lifelong progress. No one individual knows everything. In fact, I have the distinct honor of learning from my students we well. During classes by phone, this provides the opportunity for a robust and rich learning environment.

What makes is our programs and home study courses different from others?

The answer lies in our in-depth and comprehensive curriculums which incorporate teaching methods that fit all learning styles. We pride ourselves in having excellent and informative content and we treat all with dignity. Each student is considered special and unique.

“Why are other distance learning programs so expensive? Is their training better?”

From day one, my goal with Imagine Spirit was to offer quality classes and programs that are affordable to most. My goal was not to make tons of money, but to pass on to others what I’ve learned over thirty years time with the thousands of readings and sittings I have done.. This is my passion and I now know that this is what I truly came into this lifetime to do. I am dedicated to sharing these experiences and expertise than less experienced practitioners can offer in their classes. IMAGINE SPIRITS WANTS STUDENTS TO ACHIEVE AND SUCCEED!

Coming 2015!

  • Angels and Angelology (Winter 2015)
  • All about the Paranormal and Ghost Hunting (Winter 2015)
  • Professional Clairvoyance and Psychic Tarot Programs (Spring 2015)
  • Mediumship & Trance Mediumship (Summer 2015)
  • Channeling Techniques (Summer 2015)
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“Does everyone have the same abilities?”

Thankfully no. Our own unique set of gifts and talents are for us to work with in a way that is comfortable for us. And, if you believe your abilities are not as good as someone else’s, for example TV show Mediums and Psychics, think again. These individuals have just been doing it longer–that’s all. You can be as accomplished as anyone else with the right training and the right teacher. Helping students learn what their current set of abilities are is one of the first things we do in either a Home Study Course or in other programs offered.

With Imagine Spirit, you are never alone in your studies!

“Are your classes really complicated or difficult to follow?”

The answer is absolutely NO! Our classes, programs, and home study courses are easy to absorb and actually fun to learn with. We provide many learning tools and resources for the student to take advantage of. Our teachings are imparted in a practical down-to-earth approach combined with powerful esoteric knowledge and resources. In our home study courses, we include exercises and previous live class recordings to allow students to feel as though they are actually in a real live class. Many movies are available to view on YouTube and we also have an online FaceBook group that students can join and ask questions of others. Also, Carol is always available to personally answer questions! You are never alone in your studies!

"I see you have several order options for the home study courses. Which ones can I get certified in?"

All options have have the opportunity for certification. The exception to this is Option D. which is the audio DVD(s) separate purchase only.

“Do you give classes in person? Do you mentor students one-on-one?”

The answers are Yes and No respectively. Occasionally we offer workshops and weekend intensives on various topics in Scottsdale, Arizona. At this time, I do not mentor students individually but I do answer many questions via email. I do this even for those students who have already become certified or are finished with a program(s).

“Do you have a Code of Ethics?”

Good question! Here is our page spelling out the Code of Ethics Imagine Spirit abides by. [Code of Ethics] We urge our students to have a high standard of integrity in their intuitive practices.

“Do you help students get started in a Mediumship or a Psychic business?”

Yes. Having had a strong presence in the psychic arts field, we give students a framework with which to get started in their new career. We also help those who already have a business make it better in attracting more clients. We also have a free Marketing Guide which is included when taking extensive programs; whether it be a program by phone or a home study course.

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"" I'd been searching for classes like these for years. I took the Mediumship Home Study Course and it changed my life so much for the better. I can now really communicate with loved ones and bring in Spirits during my psychic readings. Thank you Carol!
Amanda, Dallas, TX

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