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Clairvoyance Training and Home Study Course-Become Certified as a professional Psychic Medium
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If you suspect you have heightened psychic or mediumistic abilities and would like to learn how to develop them, our classes and programs are the perfect place to get started. The skills you are taught in our courses will take you up many notches in your psychic abilities. If you are doing this type of work already, you will strengthen the skills you are already using and learn some new ones. With your newly enhanced expertise, you will be enable to use them either for your own spiritual benefit, or to counsel others as a highly sought after professional intuitive...
Psychic Medium, Carol Nicholson
Founded Imagine Spirit in 2001

I have been a Psychic Medium for thirty years and have worked in most facets of the intuitive arts industry. I started Imagine Spirit to help others do what I do...
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"" I'd been searching for classes like these for years. I took the Mediumship Home Study Course and it changed my life so much for the better. I can now really communicate with loved ones and bring in Spirits during my psychic readings. Thank you Carol!
Amanda, Dallas, TX

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Steven Macek
Steven Macek, Psychic/Medium
Graduate of Our Mediumship and Pathways to Clairvoyance Home Study Courses
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If you love to watch the mediums on television, you may notice a few interesting things. Each one works a little differently. One medium might be demonstrating the way a spirit died by mentioning a pain somewhere in their body. Another might hear words spoken in their inner hearing, and yet another medium will physically see a spirit standing there and describe them to a T. Some will even demonstrate all of the above methods and more.
Mediumship Home Study Training
If you are in the early stages of your ...
Mediumship Home Study Training
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Record Spirits with a Ghost Box

Instrumental Trans-Communication, better known as ITC, is a method frequently used these days to capture messages coming from the beyond. ITC is the use of tape or digital recorders, TVs, radios, computers, telephones, and other technical devices with the intent to get meaningful information from beyond in such forms as voices, images, and text.
Mediumship Home Study Training
EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) is something many ghost hunter enthusiasts have been experimenting with

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