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Carol Nicholson, B. Msc.
Certified Psychic Medium

Founded Imagine Spirit in 2001
I have been a Psychic Medium for thirty years and have worked in most facets of the intuitive arts industry. I started Imagine Spirit to help others do what I do...
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"" I'd been searching for classes like these for years. I took the Mediumship Home Study Course and it changed my life so much for the better. I can now really communicate with loved ones and bring in Spirits during my psychic readings. Thank you Carol!
Amanda, Dallas, TX

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Recent Graduates
Deanna Hyland-Graduate
Graduate of Our Mediumship Program
Deanna Hyland, August 2014

Deanna is a very spiritual person
who is also a fantastic Medium!
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Dangers of High Beta

There is a saying I think of quite often that states: "So much to do with so little time!" This is true for me. These days the majority of people have ultra busy minds. They are multi-tasking continually. This is compounded with constant alerts and messages coming in on our cell phones or tablets. This is not only distracting, but time consuming in attempting to keep up with friends and posts. In this mind state, they are in "High Beta". Normal Beta brainwaves are the waves that are most active when we are awake. High beta brainwaves cause us to constantly be in high gear planning, processing, calculating, and so forth. It can get out of hand because once we allow this to become a large part of our...

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Ghosts at the Haunted St. James Hotel

As many of you know, I just moved back to Scottsdale, Arizona. On my trip across country, I decided to take in some haunted places along the way. One such place was in Cimarron, New Mexico, where I stayed overnight at the mega-haunted St. James Hotel. The St. James was considered jewel of the old west. I was given the “Mary Lambert” room which is reported to be haunted.

The St. James was a favorite for Old West notorious figures such as Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, Bat Masterson, as well as Wild Bill Cody, and Annie Oakley. It is known today for its legends of hauntings by the angry spirits of men murdered there. In fact, it was there that Wyatt Earp left and took a train to Tombstone, Arizona. There he ran afoul of the infamous Cowboys Gang culminating in
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