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About Mediumship Training

Imagine Spirit offers several venues for the serious student wanting to become a true medium or achieve certification! Spirit communication is not just for a select few. Our training for the serious aspiring medium, enables the student to start their special journey towards rewarding Spirit experiences and produces results. If you take one of our phone classes, you will find they are relaxed, fun, and yet packed full of information and a lot of experiential exercises. Still have doubts? Just know that anyone with a true desire to learn and is dedicated and focused, can become a MEDIUM!

The courses we offer provide a solid basis for you to experience and master Spirit communication and, learn more about the continuance of the soul's existence after death. You will discover where the realm of Spirit resides and understand that Spirits are very eager to be in contact with us. Additionally, all Mediumship classes are perfect for furthering psychic development. Our classes are designed for beginners as well as those who wish to increase current skill levels.

Quote MarkAfter graduating from the Mediumship Course, I´ve learned to trust my intuition and I'm getting accurate information from the Spirit world. What could be more important in life? Carol is a gifted teacher. I have three university degrees and have taken many classes. Carol's classes are always fun, interesting and challenging. I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to become a true medium!Quote Mark
~Patricia Bradley-Bates, Phoenix
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Who Should Take Our Training?

• Those who experience Spirit contact already
• Those who suspect they have abilities but feel stuck
• Individuals who are drawn to Mediumship
• Those already in the healing and holistic fields
• Those who wish to contact a loved one
• Anyone wishing to become a professional
• A ghost hunter or paranormal investigator
• Those desiring to communicate with the higher realms
• Anyone with the desire to help others

Psychic-Medium  Students
Some of the Things You Will Learn in Our Mediumship Classes!

What Grounding Is
Psychic Protection
Raising Your Spirit Vibration
Easy Meditation Techniques
Different Kinds of Mediums
Unlocking Spirit Channels
Mediums of the Past
Levels of Existence
Feel the Presence of Spirits
Open Psychic Centers
Learn"Spirit Protection"
How Angels Help
Medium Spirit Helpers
What Overshadowing Is
Where We Go After Death?

Working with Your Guides
Linking with Spirits
Clairvoyance & Symbols
Advanced Breathing Exercises
Celestial Stream of Wisdom
Fine-tune "Contact" Receivers
How Mediumship Can Heal
Scrying for Spirit Contact
Learn to Perform Psychometry
Introduction to Circle Work
Validation of Messages
Trusting Validity of Messages
Spirit Etiquette
Master Your Confidence
Is the Ouija Board Dangerous?
 How to Dialog with Spirits
  Spirit Rescue Techniques
  Automatic Writing
  About "Table Tipping"
  "Read" Spirit Photographs
  Intro to Trance Mediumship
  Learn About Apports
  How to do "Billets"
  How to do Energy Readings
  Experience a Circle
  History of Mediumship
  Healing with Mediumship
  How to Conduct a Spirit Circle
  About Transfiguration
  Developmental Exercises


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