Worries about Psychic or Mediumship Training?

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Do You Have Some Real Concerns about Psychic or Mediumship Training?

What If You Found Out There’s Nothing to Fear

Anytime humans venture into the unknown, there is a natural element of fear involved. This holds true for beginning Mediumship or psychic development. Whether an individual is hesitant to launch their studies because of things portrayed on television or in the movies that depicting horrific outcomes from visiting a medium, family or church disapproval, or perhaps having had frightening experience at a young age, fear, even if it’s way in the back of the mind, can be a nagging issue that impedes progress. I can assure you that if Mediumship or psychic development was dangerous, in any way, I would not be teaching it.

For the most part, fear stems from the not knowing of what might happen. It is the “what ifs.” “What if talking to Spirits is really the work of the Devil…? What if I don’t succeed…? What if I actually do succeed…? What if I see scary things…? What if I panic…? What will my friends say…? What if I can do this for a while and then I can’t…?” and so on…

To address these concerns, whatever fears you may have had or have in the future, must be uncovered and dealt with if you sincerely wish to progress in your development states. At Imagine Spirit, the purpose is not to devalue or dismiss any fears a student might have, but to defuse them and keep them from getting in the way of forward progress. I always say that the more we resist something, the more it becomes firmly entrenched within our mind and body. If you can accept that you do have specific fears or feelings of trepidation–even small ones, the easier it will become to move beyond them and forge ahead with your training.

Start Removing Blocks and Release Repressed Fears!

If you suspect there is some subconscious resistance or reticence within you, be honest with yourself about this possible issue. The best way to start dealing with and releasing blockages is to sit down and take a few quiet moments to identify what your particular fear(s) might be. After contemplating for a while, jot them down. In fact, write everything which comes to mind and think back on how, where or when in your life the fear may have possibly originated. You may believe you have no fear(s) whatsoever and then to your surprise, find out that you do. If you genuinely do not have any concerns or doubts, wonderful!

Now read over your items. What doesn’t ring true for you after all, cross it off. By reading over what you have listed, you have already started the releasing process. Now read your list for a second time and now address the first fear. Come up with a statement which is the exact opposite of that fear. Here’s an example of what one might be:

“I am afraid that I am not talented enough or won’t be able to become a good medium.”

Firmly counter this with, “I am naturally gifted in Mediumship and psychic powers and am as capable and talented as anyone else. My abilities come to me easily and effortlessly.”

See how easy that was? The following is an exercise which will help you even more. You may want to record it on a digital recorder or cell phone for ease of practice without having to refer to this page. If that is not possible, just read it over and then do the exercise.

5-step exercise for removing any kind of fear:

  1. Imagine in your mind a lovely setting which makes you feel cozy and secure—like a beach or mountain retreat. Now begin to pay attention to your physical body. Start with one fear that you have written down. Think about your fear issue and feel what part of the body it is most associated with. You may feel some tingles, a feeling in the gut area, or experience an actual small sharp or dull pain somewhere in your body. Are you experiencing an uncomfortable chill? If so, think on the possible source of this and move your attention to where it might be centered in your body.
  2. Now imagine you can reach into your body with your hand and PULL this debilitating energy out as one might pull a diseased internal organ out! Hold it in your hand. What does it look like? Is it a black icky substance or some other color? Does it have a texture? Does it have a smell? As you do this, begin to talk to the object in your hand. Where did it come from? Why is it still there? Have a real confrontation and grill this thing pretty good. You will begin to feel more in control as you do this. If information comes to you, journal it. Now acknowledge this “thing” and let it know it’s no longer needed. It may even “squeak” and protest a little, but you are in charge now. You have the power to demand that it be entirely gone.
  3. Now envision this object dissolving away until there is nothing left. Imagine that any residual energy left over from it, however minuscule, is instantly transformed into positive light-filled energy.
  4. Feel confident that this fear issue is now on its way to being removed. Any tenseness, anxieties, or fearful responses to the problem are now decreasing power! Feel how beautiful it is to begin to have any obstacles written down starting to fade away! Now take a few more moments to enjoy the feeling of being lighter and freer from issues which may have bothered you for years. Take a few deep breaths, expel forcibly, and ground
    once again.
  5. Repeat for all the blocks and fears listed on your paper. If you are tired, work on them another time. There’s no need to tackle all of them at once. (You may have to work on one particular issue several times. This is normal depending on how long and deeply entrenched the fear was within you.)


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