How We Train at Imagine Spirit

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Step-by-Step Training Course Are Clear and Easy to Do

Imagine Spirit’s training will fulfill your dreams and desires to learn incredible and lasting skills in Mediumship, Psychic-Clairvoyance, The Akashic Records, Advanced Angels Practitioner, Release Spirit Attachments, Spirit Guides Mastery, and How to Be an Expert Ghost Hunter. So many options to buy and many powerful resources to learn with. Certification options come with all courses offered.

Get the Training You’ve Always Wanted

Training in Mediumship Professional Psychic Certification

All of our courses are created as home study. Numerous learning resources are included in each program to empower and aid in your learning and to achieve your desired goals. Once you have purchased a course, there is no time limit to complete. You can take as long as you like to absorb and enjoy the new skills you are acquiring. When you are ready, you can apply for certification and be listed on our Graduates Directory for credibility and testimonial of your expertise.


Reliable Teachings from a Master

Carol provides insights and secrets for success garnered over three decades as a professional Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher. She is very direct in terms of possible pitfalls and avoidable mistakes due to lack of experience. Courses include How to Get Started n Your Business with our Professional Marketing Guide. For those who are taking a course primarily for spiritual growth and enlightenment, you will not be disappointed!

Easy Comprehensive Learning

Our home study courses provide teachings, insights, and experiential exercises for the novice as well as advanced practitioner. Even if you are an advanced practitioner, there is a wealth of new information you can learn.

Lessons are presented in a step-by step structured manner and are perfect for real world practical application. Additionally, there are real live class MP3s to listen to and follow along with.

When You’ve Completed a Course

If you wish to become a professional or achieve recognition for the hard work you’ve put into a course, we can begin the certification process. Becoming certified is easy and painless–we promise! Most aspects of starting a business are covered plus advice on possible setbacks you might encounter. And if you get stuck, Carol is always available to answer questions and provide guidance within 24 hours.



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Beginning psychic studies for some can be intimidating. If you are unsure of starting an intuitive class, reasons might be a fear of failure, what might might be attracted to you, or the unpleasant prospect of dealing with those who disapprove of any kind of psychic training. Our training is full of light and spiritual illumination.

  1. If you have apprehension about beginning a course, let me assure you that any type of psychic training at Imagine Spirit is completely safe. We teach you how to overcome concerns and provide you with an encouraging environment with which to learn in with our courses.
  2. If you are excited with anticipation about learning a new craft, we’ll provide the materials, tools and right direction to lead you step-by-step along the clear path for achieving your goals. I too was a beginner at one time. I am here to help you over any pitfalls and stand-stills and am oh so happy to answer relevant questions.


We have that covered. Each course starts with the basics which is a great review of what you most likely already know. The course lesson then quickly progress into the more advanced concepts. If you do the exercises faithfully and take time to absorb the teachings presented, you will exponentially increase your skills and reap the rewards of mastering course materials.

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  • Carefully read the INTRODUCTION. Yes, I know. Your raring to go, but this is important.

  • This is a no-brainer, but start at Lesson 1. And, please don’t skip around. If it’s a big lesson, take a break!

  • Now listen to lesson’s corresponding Live Class Recording. (Sometimes the MP3 file will be named week and not lesson. They’re the same.)

  • Do any meditation exercises if the lesson contains one or more in the order listed. Take your time with these and please do not try and listen while driving a car, operating machinery or watching children. Some of the exercises will take you very deeply into a relaxed state.

  • If a movie is mentioned in the lesson, it’s important to watch that movie before proceeding to the next lesson. Why? There’s most likely some very vital teaching in it.

  • Finally, do the self quiz at the end — if your course has lesson self quizzes. The Spirit Guides Mastery program does not due to the fact it’s only two lessons.

  • If you get stuck or confused, don’t forget you can contact Carol at: Please limit questions to 3 per one request. Allow 24 hours for a reply.

  • Hey! And don’t forget to journal any insights, revelations, or mental notes that came to you while doing the lesson. You’ll regret it if you try and remember them later and can’t remember… Now what was that I was thinking about?….

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