Inside a Mediumship Summer Camp

//Mediumship Summer Camp Development Circle

What Can Happen In a Mediumship Training Camp

This Mediumship Summer Camp Development Circle was held in the summer of 2015 at a local Spiritualist Church in Central Phoenix.

Here are some samples of meditation exercises, spirit communications circles, and snippets of movies.

Unfortunately, only parts of the entire camp sessions survived a computer crash.

Recordings and movies are best listened to with headphones or ear buds because They’re difficult to hear.

Any Handouts Mentioned In Movies or Recordings Are Not Available

Enjoy Our Slideshow of Images Taken Over Several Weeks

Some images show Spirit orbs surrounding students.
One week we did Table Tipping.

Week 1 – June 3rd, 2015

Meditation and Circle Recordings are Sometimes Difficult to Hear

Essential to wear headphones or earbuds.


Preparation for Circle
Contact a Loved One

Circle Class Recording

Live Circle Week 2 Recording

Circle Movie

Most movies are unlisted.

Week 2 – June 10th, 2015

Circle Class Recording

Live Circle Week 2 Recording

Circle Movie

Am I Crazy or Psychic Video?

Opening the Third Eye

See if you can see any orbs (floating round glowing lights). The movie is very granulated as it was filmed in the dark so it’s tough to see them for sure.

Week 3 – June 17th, 2015

Circle Class Recording

>Begins with a student spontaneously channeling.

Live Circle Week 3 Recording

Students Practicing in July Circle

Many students stayed for the entire camp. Most attendees were brand new to Mediumship and contacting the Spirit World. By the end of the camp, all were successful in connecting with Spirits and getting real validation. It was such an exciting time for them and many went on to take my *Advanced Mediumship Class by Phone which will soon be available as a home study course!

*No longer being offered as a phone course.

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