The Differences between Mental, Physical, and Trance Mediumship

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Are you fascinated with the idea of Mediums and Mediumship? Are you glued to the television shows which feature mediums? Do you often wonder if you could do what they do? If you answered yes to any of the above, find out more about what Mediums do and the three primary categories of Mediums and Mediumship.


Considered “Subjective”

In the past several decades, Mental Mediumship has become the preferred method of Mediumship demonstrated and performed by most Mediums.

This form of Mediumship is primarily done in a full state of conscious and are completely awake. However, some Mediums will place themselves into a relaxed level of consciousness to perform Mental Mediumship but are not in a deep trance as with other forms of Mediumship.

Mental Mediumship is predominantly demonstrated in well-lit room with the Medium fully visible. Mental Mediums are usually fully conscious and aware while interacting with Spirits. Even in a light trance state, they are able to impart information from a Spirit very much like having a phone conversation with someone and relaying the gist of the conversation to others in the room. Most popular mediums, as seen on television and heard on radio shows, are mental mediums.


Considered “Objective”

Physical Mediums are capable of producing physical phenomenon that is either felt or seen by others, and most agree on what is being witnessed or felt. This phenomenon can manifest in the form of *ectoplasm, breezes, rapping noises, spirit voices, and so on. Physical Mediumship is more associated with the late 19th and early 20th century’s primary mode of Spirit Communication. The drawback to doing Physical Mediumship is that it can be tremendously draining on the medium and this is one reason it is not commonly demonstrated.

Some spiritualists claim that Physical Mediumship is the crème de la crème or highest kind of Mediumship abilities. Also, one of the greatest feats of a Physical Medium is to produce a full apparition.

What kind of medium are you?

Attributes of Physical Mediumship

  • Spirit Rapping – Sounds such as tapping and rapping noises produced by the medium which the source cannot be explained through conventional means.
  • Telekinesis/Psychokinesis – Objects moved through the power of the mind and with the help of Spirits present.
  • Spirit Lights – The phenomena of lights of different colors and pulsations appearing to be moving about the room which cannot be otherwise explained. Some are of these light can be called *orbs due to the roundness of appearance.
  • Apports – Objects which are gifts and proof from the Spirit realm which seem to fall into the room from nowhere.
  • Materialization – The act of producing an apparition of a Spirit which can be touched as well as seen. The apparition may be filmy or solid looking.
  • *Ectoplasm – Used for materialization, is a white to milky substance omitted from different bodily orifices of the medium.
  • Direct Voice Communication – The medium speaks with the actual sounding voice of the Spirit who has crossed to relay messages. Actually, it’s Spirit who produces this phenomenon with the aid of ectoplasmic material. This is often confused with a Direct Voice Medium who can channel more than just voices in the air around them.
  • Sound Phenomena – The ability of the medium to produce voices, music, and other sounds without using their own speaking apparatus. The voices just seem to come from within them or may be heard in the air around them.

As far as Physical Mediumship goes, some say this is the crème de la crème or highest form of Mediumship. And, one of the greatest feats of a physical Medium is to produce an apparition.

Because Physical Mediumship can be draining on the body, it is not practiced as widely or taught to others as it once was. However, Physical Mediumship can still be witnessed in a sprinkling Spiritualist churches around the U.S., in England, and Scotland. And, as mentioned before, it is also quite prevalent in countries such as Brazil, and India. Recently there has been a huge upsurge of interest in Physical Mediumship in Japan.


Can be  “Either “Subjective” or “Objective” Mediumship

A Trance Medium can be a Mental or Physical Medium. If they fall into the category of Mental Mediumship, they are usually in a very light trance state and can still be aware of their surroundings and communicate with others in the room while at the same time relaying messages from the spirit world. I am a Trance Medium.

A Deep Trance Medium is a medium who places his or herself into a deep semi-conscious or completely unconscious trance state. Trance Mediums often link up with what is termed a “Control” guide who speaks for the Spirit who wishes to communicate or helps the medium produce the actual voice of the spirit wanting to speak.


-Cabinets were common in the early days of Mediumship. Physical Mediums would sit inside and produce spirit phenomena outside the cabinet.
-Orbs often appear in reference to investigating ghosts through taking photographs of a location–and taken on most any kind of camera. They are roundish in shape and are said to be Spirits trying to manifest.
-Ectoplasm is a phenomenon which is not only associated with ghosts, but also was first known as being a substance emitted by Physical Mediums during demonstrations.

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